Swap with StrikeX

You can now swiftly swap tokens without leaving your StrikeX Wallet!

Catering to multiple chains including: Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Arbitrum, Polygon & Base. Stay tuned on our socials, as new blockchains will be integrated into the StrikeX Wallet, they will also be supported for swaps.

Utilizing our partner 1inch, the largest DEX aggregator ensuring you get the most optimal trade. Incorporating it's algorithm to find the best paths across 60+ liquidity sources on Ethereum and 30+ sources on other blockchains such as the BNB Smart Chain. 

You have the flexibility to swap all tokens found within these liquidity pools, providing you with the freedom to swap the cryptocurrencies that best suit your preferences.


How to swap tokens:

1) Head over to the StrikeX Wallet, and click the second icon found in the bottom left of the navigation.

2) Search for the token you'd like to swap at the top, entering the amount you'd like to swap.

3) Underneath select the token you'd like to receive in return at the bottom. The receiving token amount will automatically be calculated for you.

4) If this is the first time you are interacting with a new token, you may need to first approve the transaction. Do this by pressing 'Give permission to Swap'.

After approving, select 'Continue', review the swap details and select 'Swap' to complete the process.

You can adjust your swap settings by selecting the cog icon in the top left of the swap page.


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