What is the difference between TradeX and StrikeX Wallet?

TradeX | DeFi Exchange

What is TradeX?

Custom-built from the ground up, we’ve created TradeX to be the ultimate Decentralised Exchange in the market — attractive, intuitive, and easy to use. With features previously unavailable on other Decentralised Exchanges, such as direct bank on/off ramp, multi-tab trading, portfolio tracking, DeFi order book, advanced charting and more — TradeX has everything retail investors need to make the most of what DeFi has to offer.

What is a DeFi Exchange / DEX?

Decentralised Exchanges are marketplaces that enable cryptocurrency traders to execute transactions through smart contracts (self-executing contracts) directly from their cryptocurrency Wallets, alleviating the reliance on a third-party/custodian.


StrikeX Wallet | DeFi Crypto Wallet

What is the StrikeX Wallet?

StrikeX Wallet is a self-custody (non-custodial) DeFi crypto Wallet that makes buying, selling, swapping, transferring, and tracking your favourite crypto projects — slick, secure and simple, as it should be.

What is a DeFi cryptocurrency Wallet?

Contrary to popular belief, cryptocurrency Wallets themselves do not directly hold your assets; your assets are instead stored on the blockchain and can only be accessed using a private key (seed/recovery phrase) to prove you are the owner. A cryptocurrency Wallet enables you windowed access to your holdings and allows permission for you to verify and execute transactions. It is highly recommended that you record your private key; losing this means losing access to your cryptocurrency.

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