How to Swap on TradeX

Trading on TradeX is simple. It provides all the technical tools you require to buy, sell and swap cryptocurrencies, and the calculations are performed automatically!

Getting started is easy. You will need a cryptocurrency wallet to connect to TradeX. We highly recommend using our StrikeX Wallet, available on iOS and Android. Once you've downloaded the app, follow the on-screen steps, and you'll be ready to start trading!


Here's how to trade on TradeX:

  1. Launch TradeX by going to

  2. Click on the 'Connect' button in the top right-hand corner of TradeX. On the 'Connect Wallet' popup. Please agree to the 'terms' and select the Wallet you're connecting with (or use 'WalletConnect' for broader options).
    Please note: You can change the network you wish to trade on by making your selection in the sidebar; however, we currently only support the Binance chain on launch and will be looking to include Solana, Ethereum and Bitcoin networks at a later date.


  3. TradeX has several 'Swap' modules throughout the exchange. You may 'Swap' directly on the dashboard or trade on the relevant 'Asset page' on the marketplace. Once located, select the token you want to trade by browsing through the pre-selected options or searching for the specific token you wish to swap. Ensure you have enough tokens to trade with; if you don't, you can buy crypto directly via TradeX.


  4. Once you've decided on the tokens you wish to trade, enter the number of tokens you'd like to swap in the 'I have' field, and TradeX will calculate an estimate of the number of tokens you'll receive into the 'I want' field. 'Balance' shows how many tokens of the selected cryptocurrency you already own. Review the details, and if you're happy, proceed by pressing the 'Swap' button.


  5. A confirmation popup window will appear with the details of the trade. If you're happy to continue, press 'confirm', and the trade will initiate. Your wallet app will prompt you to approve the action.

    If you wish to cancel the trade, you can simply close the window on TradeX or via the confirmation on your Wallet app, and the trade will be cancelled - your funds will stay where they are.


  6. Once the transaction is completed, you can view the details on Bscscan by clicking the 'View' button. There may be a slight delay in receiving your tokens if the relevant network is congested. If an adequate amount of time has passed without receiving your tokens and you have any concerns, please get in touch with us with the transaction ID of the trade so we can investigate.

    (Please note: As a DeFi Exchange, we do not hold or have access to your funds or any private information).

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