How to Send & Receive Crypto using the StrikeX Wallet

Before starting, make sure you have downloaded the StrikeX Wallet & Created/Imported a wallet. Guide on how to create/import a wallet


How to send Crypto to another Address

1. Go to the dashboard/home page of the StrikeX Wallet.

2. Choose the Coin or Token you would like to send.

3. Click the Trade button and choose Send, and enter the amount you'd like to send.

4. Paste the address OR scan a QR code OR use the address book if you have saved the address already. Make sure the address you are sending to is correct. (A transfer cannot be reverted/refunded on the blockchain).

5. Click Send and you will be notified when the withdrawal has been successful.


How to receive Crypto

1. Click the credit card icon found on the bottom left of the navigation.

2. Select the Transfer button at the top, click Receive, and select the token you'd like to receive. Make sure to choose the correct chain of the token (BNB Chain / ETH Chain / SOL Chain).

3. Copy the Address using the Copy Button OR share directly with your sender. Alternatively, You can take a screenshot and send the sender the QR code.

4. Click Done, and after a few minutes you should receive your tokens and they'll appear in your dashboard!





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